What is twitter, and how to use it for business?

Twitter is an online micro-blogging and social networking website.

Essentially it has been created so that people can let others know “what are you doing right now?”

This is done by answering that question in 140 characters or less.  The message that is sent can be done directly via the twitter website, via SMS (depending on the mobile phone carriers in your country) or smart phone applications.

Do businesses use Twitter for their Marketing?

The answer to this is YES!

However, in terms of the percentage of businesses that are using twitter this is very low.

The challenge for many business owners has been that they consider twitter to be a complex system, and that they do not understand it.

Yet twitter can be used to announce an upcoming sale, the arrival of new seasons stock, a special event etc.

As you can appreciate twitter can be used to announce all sorts of things to your list of followers, and this can then lead to increased profits for you and your business.

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