“What is this thing called Copywriting, and how can I use it to grow my business?”

Many business owners have heard of copywriting, but sometimes confuse it with copyrighting.

What copyrighting is, that as a business owner you organise to ensure your intellectual property within a business is protected.  This involves things such as registering Trademarks, putting applications in for Patents etc.

As you may appreciate then Copywriting is different.

Copywriting is the process of using words to communicate about a person, idea or business.  The words can be in various locations such as: an article, a newspaper advertisement, a radio advertisement, a brochure, a website, a TV advertisment, a presentation.

As you can appreciate from the above the way that words are used is very important.

Consider the following “this engine part has been ground 50 times, its high level of tensile strength is one of its antimagnetic”

You probably at this stage are thinking about the above sentence “Huh, what does that mean?”

Yet compare it to the following “using smart technology, this car is able to accelerate really quickly, which means you can get out of a dangerous spot faster, and could potentially save you and your family’s life”

Isn’t that more interesting? about saving you and your family’s life?

Wouldn’t you like you customers to find things such as your advertising more interesting, and so be more likely to respond to and then order from you and do business with you.

To discover more about how copywriting can be used to help grow your business, then Contact Us.

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