Business Marketing Consultant is the home of Internet Marketing and Offline Business Marketing Consultant John Hagidimitriou, who will get you more customers and more traffic for your website.

John’s background is a varied one.

Before beginning marketing consulting advice, John had worked in both Medicine and in Finance.

He has worked in Medicine for 15 years, and had worked in Finance for 4 years.

John has an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Brisbane Graduate School of Business at QUT, where he finished in the top 1% of graduates from the business program.

Being someone who believes that learning is a lifelong process.  Since completing his MBA John has spent tens of thousands of dollars on further education. 

He has learnt from and been mentored by some of the greatest marketers in the world including: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Ted Nicholas, John Carlton, Gary Halbert, John Caples, Joseph Sugarman, David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, Armand Morin, James Schramko, Mal Emery, Joel Bauer and Jay Conrad Levinson.

Having learnt from some of the greatest Marketers, Copywriters and Internet Marketers in the world. 

John eventually reached the stage where he believed it was now time to offer his service in Marketing Consulting and Internet Marketing Consulting to Business owners like yourself.

To arrange a time to see how John can get your business more clients and customers, as well as getting more visitors to your website, then feel free to Contact Us.

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